The watercolour medium is considered by many to be the most difficult to control. The flow of the paint and the water and the mixing of the colours to create a separate hue are unique qualities of this exciting medium. The challenge is to allow the paint, paper and water to react to each other, and as a result create a representational form.




Ross first took up watercolours at the age of 15.  A few lessons and some excellent teachers and mentors later, Ross had become proficient in the medium. By the time he was in High School in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, he was getting commissions from friends and referrals. Once in College, everything went on hold to pursue a business education. By the mid '80s, Ross was painting again. Favourite themes were architectural, seascapes, and beach scenes. The popularity of his style and themes has continued to gain momentum over the last few years. The bulk of his paintings are commissioned works painted from photographs. Ross insists on using the highest quality materials to ensure a lasting effect. Some of his clients include Toyota Motor Company USA, King Harbour Marina, Pediatric Aids Foundation, South Bay Board of Realtors, South Bay Free Clinic and many personal collectors. Ross is a member of the South Bay Watercolour Society and the California Watercolour Society.


Comment from the artist:


       "My thought for anyone who is inspired, amazed, or enamoured by the

        medium of watercolours would be 'buy one'."



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